About Ishwar Maharaj – Pandit Ishwar Sharma, Hong Kong


  • Hindu Ceremonies – Astrology consultation by Ishwar Maharaj – Pandit Ishwar Sharma
  • Hindu Prayer Ceremonies (Sanskaras) for Hong Kong Hindu Community
  • Performing Hindu Rites, Rituals and Customs (Traditional Sindhi Reet-Rawaaj)
  • Consultation of Astrology: Match-Making Horoscope (Guna Milan)
  • Computerised Printing : brief and detailed printed prediction of Janam Kundli
  • Chhathi (Naamkaran, Janmakshar, Janam Patri) Horoscope Preparation
  • PARVA PATRIKA 2017/2018 : Vikram Samvat 2073-2074 Shaalivaahan Shaake 1938/1939 – Hindu Festivals Shubh Din, Vrat, Parva, Tyohaar (Auspicious days, Fast, Festivals and Celebrations)
  • Jhulelal Tipno Panchang website which is compiled by Ishwar Maharaj (Pandit Ishwar Parsram Sharma), provides Solaha Sanskar Shubh Muhuratas such as
    1. Shubh Vivah Muhuratas (Wedding-Marriage Auspicious day and dates)
    2. Janya-Muhuratham, Upanayan, Yagyopavitham Muhuratham (Thread Ceremony auspicious dates)
    3. Grah Pravesh Pooja Muhurat, Navin Grah, Vaastu Pooja (House-Warming – New House Prayer Ceremony)
    4. Mundan Sanskar (Hair Shaving of a child) and other muhuratas knowledge.
  • Astrological Scientific Research
  • Mundane and Horary Horoscope Astrology, Planetary charts; and planets mantra recitation prayers
  • Vedic Nakshatras Origin (Constellation, Asterism) and its applied science and Astronomical Researching

Solaha Samskar Muhuratham and Pooja : 16 Sanskara (sixteen sacraments) consultation, prayer performed by Ishwar Maharaj



  • Head Priest at The Hindu Temple, Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Served from January 1996 to May 2001 (About 5 years 5 months). Resigned in May 2001. Temple is run by The Hindu Association, Hong Kong. The Hindu Temple Address: 1B Wong Nei Cheung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.



  • B.Com. – Bachelor of Commerce, Mumbai University earlier called (University of Bombay).
  • Gurus who imparted their immense valuable time and knowledge – an acknowledgment : Astrological, Astronomical knowledge {Application and relativity of many Sutras of Sanskrit Text; Hindi and English text and its meaning and Shodashaansh 16 Cusp charts of horoscope making including Prasna-Kundli, Natal chart – Birth Chart accurate Lagna (ascendant) calculations, zodiac knowledge in particular blessed by
    1. Pujya late Shri B. M. Bharadwaj (alias Balchand Mangaldas Bharadwaj Consulting Engineer cum Astrologer (B. E. – Civil, M. I. E., M. I. I. A. – Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering). His authority on the subject of astrology, astronomy was commendable. Shri Bharadwaj-ji written astrology books Prashna-Pradipikam (regarding Prashna Kundli) and Matrimonial Concord; and used to write astrological articles, one of them is “The Trend of the Monsoon During 1979”, “Weather Forecast”. His articles were printed for Raman Publication in an Astrological Magazine by editor B. V. Raman (alias Bangalore Venkata Raman).
    2. Pujya late Pandit Shri Ramchand Shandilya (Principal at Netaji School, Ulhasnagar) blessed in astrology importance and sun, moon and other planets combination for different auspicious day and dates for wedding (Shubh Vivah Muhuratham – Shaadi Jaa Muhurata). Also provided know-how of Tithi, Tyohaar, Vrat and parva. We printed during 1988 Shandilya-ji’s book “Kaamadutam” in Sanskrit with English translation.
    3. Pujya late Shri Ramchand Kalidas Sharma (He was Professor at Shri K. J. Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Earlier Research-Fellow at Deccan College, Pune, Maharashtra for Dictionary work of the Sindhi Language). He published books for M. A., B. A., B. Com. syllabus under Sindhi Sahitya Prakashan. His books were kept in educational curriculum of University of Mumbai (Bombay). He not only imparted knowledge of astrology, but we also compiled and published together first edition of “Jhulelal Jyotish Tipno” during 1986-1987 under Sindhi Sahitya Prakashan, Ulhasnagar.
  • In the said Tipno, Pujya Bharadwaj-ji, Pujya Ramchand Shandilya-ji and Pujya Ramchand-ji’s great help is always appreciated. All those who helped in publishing Tipno Panchang are worthy of an appreciation.

Ishwar Maharaj – Pandit Ishwar Sharma
Hindu Priest, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Address : P.O.Box 12637, Central, Hong Kong
E-mail: [email protected]
Hong Kong Mobile : 9498 7557

Hindu Community : Ceremonies, rites, and rituals are performed by Ishwar Maharaj – Pandit as and when required for those devotees in need for different poojas and prayers.