Which are Shradh dates of Shradh Paksha in 2017?

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श्राद्ध पक्ष, पितर पक्ष – आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ २०१७
Shraaddh Pitra Paksha
Vikram Samvat 2073-2074 Saake 1939

Shradh Dates 2017


What is Shraaddh, Shradh Paksh and its meaning? Which are Shradh dates of Shradh Paksha in 2017? When the shraadh starts and ends in 2017 in India/HK? When Mahalaya starts and ends in 2017 in India and Hong Kong?

There are generally fifteen tithis (days) in a paksha (a fortnight). Every Tithi of Shradh is the day to pray for the peace of the departed.

In 2017, Shradh paksh : each year ‘Aswin masa Krishna Paksha’ fifteen days are devoted to conduct shradh prayers. One pays homage to the ancestors. This year, shradh tithis starts from Wednesday 6th September to 19th September. And last day of prayers Sarva Pitri Shraadh (Pitra Paksha ends) on Tuesday 19th September 2017. In India and HK for performing the rituals of Shraadh (to feed) for the departed ones is observed in Shradh Paksha. Hindus perform Tarpan (tarpanam), Pinda (Pindadaanam – Pinda puja), Shraddha puja prayers during the sixteen days of Bhadrapad param ‘Aashwin (Aswin Masa) Krishna Paksh’ during September and October annually. What is Pitra Bhoj? Pitra-bhoj is an annual shradh prayer ceremony to feed a Brahmin on a particular shradh tithi (day) of the departed ancestors in ‘Aashwin (Aswin Masa) Krishna Paksh’ which is during September or October every year. Which are the pitra-bhoj tithis (dates) in 2017? What is Shradh tithi?

The following are the Shradh and shradh puja – prayer dates (the fortnight of ancestor worship) Hindu prayer rituals and ‘Pitra Bhoj’ for feeding is observed. Tithis (dates) according to IST for 2017 worldwide are given as below:

Shradh 6 to 19 September


Aswin Krishna Paksha-Pitru Paksh   Samvat 2073/2074 Shalivahan Sake 1939  Shrādh Mahālaya Shraaddha Starts
Wednesday 6th1st Shraaddha – Pratipada tithi (Ekam)
Thursday 7th2nd Shraadha – Dwitiya tithi (Beej)
Friday 8th3rd Shraaddha – Tritiya tithi (Teej)
Saturday 9th4th Shraaddha – Chaturthi tithi (Chauth)
Sunday 10th5th Shraaddha – Panchmi tithi (Panjain)
Monday 11th6th Shraaddha – Shasthi tithi (Chhath)
Tuesday 12th7th Shraaddha – Saptmi tithi (Sataein)
Wednesday 138th Shraaddha – Ashtmi tithi (Athaein)*
Thursday 14th9th Shraaddha – Navmi tithi (Naein)
Friday 15th10th Shraaddha – Dashmi tithi (Dasain
Saturday 16th11th Shraaddha – Ekadashi tithi (Gyaras)
Sunday 17th12/13th Shradh. Dwadashi/Triyodashi (Baras/Teras)*
Monday 18th 14th Shraadh-Chaturdashi tithi (Chodus)
Tuesday 19 Sept. Pitra Kārya AmāvasAmavas-Umās tithi S. 11:49am IST* Amāvasya Shraaddh Sarva Pitra Shradh S. Farewell to ancestors. Mahalaya Amavasya Ends, Pitra (Pitru Paksha ends).

*IST – Indian Standard Time
*Mahalakshmi Vrat, Mahalakshmi Sagra Chhoran (Sindhi)  13 September 2017, Jiwatputrika V.
*Two tithis baras and teras shiradh will be observed.

What is Matra Navami? Which is navam shradh significance? When is Matra navami in 2017 worldwide?

Feeding food for Shradh on shradh day of navami or performing prayers – Puja of Shradh (Pind Daan or Tarpan – pindam and tarpanam) takes place for the ‘mother’ on
the navami thithi (9th day); that is why it is also named as Matra Navami. Hence, on navami tithi, ‘Navami shradh’ and ‘Mata Shradh’ also is being observed annually. In 2017, Mata Navami is dated 14th September.

What is Maghaa Shraaddha (Magha Shradh)? When is Magha Shradh in 2017?

It is known as Magha Shraddh as it is performed when Magha Nakshatra (constellation) prevails during Aparaahana-Kaal.

What is Sadhu, Sanyasis Shradh meaning? When is being performed?

Shradh (Shraddh-Shraaddham) on dwadashi tithi is performed for people who have taken up Sanyas or renunciation before death. Also The Shradh on Trayodashi (Teras) tithi is observed for the peace of children and people who passed away on Trayodashi Tithi (13th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadon (Bhadon – Bhadrapad) param Aswin (Aashwin) Krishna Paksha during September or October every year.


When is Shradh for those who passed away due to unnatural death? What is unnatural death?

On Chaturdashi Tithi, Shradh Pooja – Tarpan is performed for the persons who have died due to an unnatural death. An accident, murder or suicide is believed as an unnatural one.


What is the significance of Shraaddha Amavasya – Mahalaya (Shraddh last day)?

Sarva Pitra Shradh (Amavasya – Umas) significance: The last day of an annual prayers for ancestors death anniversary to pay them homage and offer Shraddhaa food and other prayers. End tithi amavasya day of Pitra Paksha (Pitru Paksha) is known as Sarva-Pitra Shraddham or Shraaddha Amavasya (Amaavasyaa) or Mahalaya Samapat, Shraaddha Samapat, Mahalaya Amavasya. When, someone is unable to perform Shradh – Shraddha on the requisite tithi (a particular day), may perform on Sarvapitri (Sarva-pitra) Amavasya Shradh. Or when someone does not know about the ‘shradh tithi’ (shradh date) of the deceased, then one may perform on Sarvapitri (Sarva-pitra) Amavasya Shradh. Thus, fifteen lunar days especially food offering to ancestors concludes on the last day of dark fortnight (i.e. on the Amavasya of Aswin masa Krishna paksha). When is Pitra-Kaarya Amavasya and Dev-Kaarya Amavasya in 2017? Aswin Krishna Pitra Kaarya Amavasya is on 19th September 2017. Deva-Kaarya Amavasya is on 20th September 2017.


When is MataMaha shraadh (Nana) in 2017 in India and HK?

Mata-Maha (Nana) shraadh in India and HK is dated Wednesday 20th September 2017.


Which are the prayers offered for shradh? Which is the shradh vidhi (shradh procedural prayers) during shradh paksha in Bhadon param Aswin masa Krishna?

Shraddhaa (devotion) is foremost important in Shraaddha.

  1. One performs Tarpan (tarpanam) for shradh prayers. It is an offering of water or milk preferably using copper or silver utensils, sesame seeds, flower offerings, darbha (or otherwise grass) with recitation including wearing ‘darbha – Pavitri’ for prayers to a) Dev.
    Tarpan for Devatas (Dev Tarpanam) Image prepared by Bhavana I. Sharma  Which are Shradh dates of Shradh Paksha in 2017? Tarpan for Devatas Dev Tarpanam Image prepared Bhavana I

    Tarpan for Devatas (Dev Tarpanam) Image prepared by Bhavana I. Sharma

    It is call “Dev Tarpanam” (water, or milk offering to God) , to b) Rishis (sages) – it is called “Rishi tarpanam” and third one is tarpanam to pitra, in which ‘til (black sesame seeds), water and milk’ is offered reciting three times names of the ancestors.

    Tarpan for Pitru (Pitru Tarpanam) Image prepared by Bhavana I. Sharma  Which are Shradh dates of Shradh Paksha in 2017? Tarpan for Pitru Pitru Tarpanam Image prepared Bhavana I

    Tarpan for Pitru (Pitru Tarpanam) Image prepared by Bhavana I. Sharma

    One may perform pind prayers for departed ancestor’s three generations (three pinda for the ancestors). 2. One feeds food on the ‘shradh tithi of the deceased’ (day) to a brahmin. 3. One offers Dana – daanam as per ones shraddhaa. Hence, as above mention ‘shraaddhaa श्रद्धा’ signifies is an integral part in shradh feeding, praying for shradh.

When is next shiradh – shradh paksha in 2018? When the shraadh starts and ends in 2018 in India, HK and worldwide?

In 2018, shradh starts 25th September and concludes on Monday 8th October.

Other questions asked: When the Pitra Paksha – Shradh Paksha (Ancester’s homage) starts in 2017 in Bharat (India) and Hong Kong? When the Pitra Paksha – Shradh Paksha (Ancester’s homage dates) starts in 2017 in Bharat (India) and Hong Kong? When is Baddo (Bhadon) Bhadrapad param Ashwin Krishna Paksha (Shradh Paksha – dark fortnight prayers) ancestor’s farewell prayers in 2017 in India and HK?


श्राद्ध पक्ष – पितर पक्ष
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ विक्रम् संवत् २०७४ शाके १९३९

श्राद्ध क्या है? श्राद्ध किसे कहते हैं?
श्रद्धा से किया गया तर्पण, पिण्ड तथा दान को ही श्राद्ध कहते हैं ।

२०१७ में (श्राद्ध पक्ष) श्राद्ध कब​-कब हैं भारत एवं हाँगकाँग में?

श्राद्ध २०१७ में मंगलवार ६ सेप्टेम्बर से शुरु हैं ।

सर्व-पित्र श्राद्ध (श्राद्ध पक्ष – महालय) मंगलवार १९ सेप्टेंबर २०१७ को समाप्त होगा ।


माता-मह (नाना) श्राद्धतिथि २०१७ में कब है?

मातामह (नाना) श्राद्धतिथि २०१७ में २० सितंबर को है ।

२०१७ महालया शुरु और​ समाप्त: इस साल से १९ सितंबर तक ितृ पक्ष है ।


पितृ-पक्ष श्राद्ध की तिथियां संवत् २०७४ शाके १९३९ (२०१७) में कौन सी हैं?

पितृ-पक्ष श्राद्ध की तिथियां संवत् २०७४ शाके १९३९ (२०१७) में निम्न हैं :-

श्राद्ध – महालय

६ से १९ सेप्टेंबर २०१७

श्राद्ध शुरु भाद्रपद​ परं आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष

विक्रम् संवत् २०७४ शाके १९३९

आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष ​ ऐकम-पर्वश्राद्ध पहला ६ सितंबर को – प्रतिपदा तिथि
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ दूज – बी॒ज़श्राद्ध दूसरा ७ सितंबर को – द्वितीया तिथि
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ तीज़ – टीज़श्राद्ध तीसरा ८ सितंबर को – तृतीया तिथि)
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ चोथ – चोथुश्राद्ध चौथा ९ सितंबर को – चतुर्थी तिथि
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ पंचमी-पंज​ऐंश्राद्ध पांचवां १० सितंबर को – पंचमी तिथि
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ छठ – छठश्राद्ध छठवां ११ सितंबर – षष्ठी तिथिश्राद्ध
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ सातम-सत​ऐंश्राद्ध सातवां १२ सितंबर – सप्तमी तिथिश्राद्ध
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ आठम-अठऐंश्राद्ध आठवां १३ सितंबर को अष्टमी तिथि**
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ नवम – नाऐंश्राद्ध नवमां १४ सितंबर नवमी और मातृनवमी श्राद्ध
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ दशम – द॒स​ऐंश्राद्ध दशवां १५ सितंबर – दशमी तिथि श्राद्ध
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ एकादशी- ग्यारसश्राद्ध ग्यारहवां १६ सितंबर – एकादशी तिथि
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ बारस-बा॒रसु

एवं तेरस – तेरसु श्राद्ध

श्राद्ध बारहवां और तेरहवां १७ सितंबर (द्वादशी तिथिश्राद्ध एवं त्रयोदशी) मघा श्राद्ध मघनु जो खीरु, (साधु और संन्यासियों का श्राद्ध, सन्यासियों, यति वैष्णवों का श्राद्ध)
आश्विन कृष्णपक्षचौदश-चोद॒सु१८ सितंबर को चतुर्दशी तिथि श्राद्ध ***
आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ अमावस​ -पितृकार्ये अमावस्या (ऊमास​)


१९ सितंबर को अमावस्या तिथि श्राद्ध

श्राद्ध समाप्त – महालय समाप्त, पित्र श्राद्ध ऊमास (आजके दिन जिन लोगों की मृत्यु की तिथि नहीं ज्ञात है, उनका श्राद्ध मनाना चाहिए) (सर्व-पित्र श्राद्ध – सभी पितर के लिए श्राद्ध)

**(महालक्ष्मी व्रत, महालक्ष्मी सग॒ड़ा छोर​णु, ीवत्पुत्रिका व्रत)
***(किसी दुर्घटना या आत्महत्या के कारण मृत्यु हुई हो उनका श्राद्ध)


क्षय तिथि (छोटी तिथी) किसे कहते हैं?
छोटी तिथी: युग्म दिनों-एक ही दिन दो तिथियों का एक साथ योग होने को क्षय कहते हैं ।

वृद्धि तिथि (बड़ी तिथी) किसे कहते हैं?
बड़ी तिथी: दो दिनों में एक ही तिथि के योग होने को वृद्धि तिथि कहते हैं ।

शुरु – बड्डो

(भाद्रपद​ परं आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​)

श्राद्ध कद॒हिं शुरु थींदा २०१७ में?
श्राद्ध पक्ष (पितर-पक्ष) भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में २०१७ में कद॒हिं आहे?

बड्डो परं अस्सू महिनो ऊंधाई श्राद्ध शुरु (श्राद्ध पक्ष, पितर-पक्ष) भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में मंगलवार ६ सेप्टेम्बर २०१७ खां शुरु थींदा ।


श्राद्ध समाप्त: सर्व-पित्र श्राद्ध ऊमास (श्राद्ध पक्ष समाप्त​) भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में २०१७ कद॒हिं आहे?

श्राद्ध समाप्त २०१७ (सर्व-पित्र श्राद्ध – ऊमास – श्राद्ध पक्ष समाप्त​) मंगलवार १९ सेप्टेंबर भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में आहे ।


महालक्ष्मी सग॒ड़ा कद॒हिं छोरबा २०१७ में भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में?

महालक्ष्मी सग॒ड़ा १३ सेप्टेंबरु २०१७ में बु॒धरु दी॒हुं ते छोरबा भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में ।


श्राद्ध कद॒हिं शुरु थींदा २०१८ में?

श्राद्ध शुरु – बड्डो महिनो परं अस्सू महिनो ऊंधाई (आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ – पितर पक्ष) भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में २०१८ में कद॒हिं आहे?

२०१८ में, श्राद्ध शुरु – बड्डो महिनो परं अस्सू महिनो ऊंधाई (आश्विन कृष्णपक्ष​ पितर पक्ष) भारत ऐं हाँगकाँग में मंगलवार २५ सेप्टेम्बर खां शुरु थींदा ऐं सूमर ८ आक्टोबर ते पूरा थींदा ।

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